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Zeolite Litter Deodorizer


A remarkable deodorizing additive for pet litter.

This odorless Zeolite granular material absorbs gasses and ammonias from pet urine, prolonging the life and increasing the effectiveness of all animal litters.

Odorless Zeolite Cat Litter Deodorizer and Freshener is guaranteed to keep litter boxes and the surrounding area fresher longer than cat litter alone.

Zeolite Litter also works great in bird, guinea pig, rabbit and hamster cages. Even works in horse stalls (bulk available, call). Tip: Sprinkle some in your vacuum's cleaner bag to eliminate the dreaded vacuum bag odor.

Totally non-toxic to pets.
This product is not reusable.

Product Features

  • All natural granular volcanic rock
  • Safe for all pets
  • Easy to use - just add a cup to the litter

NOTE: Currently our supplier for bottles is out of stock. We will ship two 1lb bottles instead of one 2lb bottles.